Benoît Genot speaking on behalf of EBIC at ABIM 2013

Working together is the key to more sustainable agriculture, EBIC Treasurer tells biocontrol industry

BASEL, 23 OCTOBER 2013 — Speaking at the 8th Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting in Basel, Switzerland, Benoît Genot emphasized the importance of integrated approaches to agriculture. He noted that biostimulants have an enabling role in production systems. Genot also stressed the commitment of EBIC’s members to fair competition and explained EBIC’s Code of Conduct on Placing Biostimulants on the Market and other efforts to ensure that the existence of so-called dual-use products do not allow people to bypass appropriate regulation, notably for biocontrol products.

Benoît Genot speaking on behalf of EBIC at ABIM 2013He is the Global Marketing Manager for biostimulants at Arysta LifeScience and the Treasurer of EBIC since its inception in 2011.

Download Benoît Genot’s presentation to ABIM 2013.

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