Future of biostimulants industry brighter thanks to proposed regulation on fertilizing products

Brussels – March 18, 2016

On 17 March, the Commission published its proposed revision of the Fertilizing Products Regulation. EBIC broadly welcomes the publication of this long-awaited draft regulation, and the extent to which it recognizes biostimulants as a valuable and innovative tool for farmers.

The biostimulants industry has thus far been hindered in its ability to deliver on the objectives of the Circular Economy due to a lack of a single market for its products. The regulation is a key step toward the development of a truly European market for biostimulants, ensuring that this key enabling technology can contribute fully to the realization of the Circular Economy.

“We’d like to thank the Commission for its efforts to provide an appropriate regulatory framework for our sector,” said Giuseppe Natale, EBIC President. “The new proposal includes many complementary, interdependent, product families, including biostimulants, which bodes well for a more integrated and efficient agricultural model in the future. With the publication of the proposal, the future of our industry is now brighter,” he added.

“However, we believe that the proposal can be refined in some key areas and we will be commenting on these with a view to further improving the long-term market conditions for all biostimulants, thus allowing them to make a greater contribution to more sustainable agriculture. With this in mind, we look forward to continued collaboration with EU and national decision-makers, “concluded Natale.

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