Biostimulants’ role in sustainable farming is now recognised thanks to pro-innovation COMAGRI report

EBIC warmly welcomes the Thursday, 21 April, vote in the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee, adopting MEP Jan Huitema’s report on “Enhancing innovation and economic development in future European farm management”The new report does an excellent job of recognizing the importance of innovation to the future of agriculture, and the need for a more holistic and integrated approach to crop management. Biostimulants are one of the innovative new tools referred to in the report.

Biostimulants are made of various compounds, substances and micro-organisms that are applied to plants or soils to foster plant growth and development. They are used alongside other inputs such as water, fertilizers and pesticides, helping to improve the efficiency of these other inputs. By using biostimulants, farmers are able to increase both the quantity and quality of their yields with fewer impacts on the environment.

The biostimulants sector is a young and innovative industry, with producers continually finding new ways of using micro-organisms and various substances (such as plant and seaweed extracts, amino and humic acids, salts, minerals and some chemicals), in a variety of combinations and recipes, to help farmers produce food more sustainably.

For the biostimulants industry to continue to flourish, we need innovation-friendly policies that stimulate R&D in a wider array of tools for farmers. Speaking on the COMAGRI report, Giuseppe Natale, EBIC President, said, “Decision-makers must support the innovation pipeline by carefully considering the effects of all future policy and regulatory proposals on innovation and reviewing legacy regulatory frameworks that were designed for yesterday’s industries.”

EBIC looks forward to the upcoming plenary vote on the new report and calls on Members of the European Parliament to continue to embrace new agricultural technologies and the innovation principle throughout their decision-making.


The European Biostimulant Industry Council (EBIC) promotes the contribution of plant biostimulants to make agriculture more sustainable and resilient and in doing so promotes the growth and development of the European Biostimulant Industry. EBIC was founded in June 2011.

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