EBIC commends new COM initiative on ‘Innovation Deals’: a positive step towards removing red tape for innovators in Europe

EBIC lauds the Commission’s recent initiative on ‘Innovation Deals for a Circular Economy’ – a new concept aimed at removing red tape for innovation in the EU.

EBIC has consistently advocated for more joined up thinking across policies through smart initiatives such as this, and we are pleased that the Commission is listening to voices such as ours.

At the moment, the EU invests significant sums of R&D money for the development of new products and solutions, without addressing many of the obstacles preventing the resulting innovations from being brought to market.

Innovation Deals (IDs) will allow innovators to“swiftly address legislative obstacles, shortening the time between moment of inspiration and market uptake”. The initiative will provide policy-makers with an “in-depth understanding and clarification of how an EU rule or regulation applies. If a rule or regulation is confirmed as an obstacle to innovations that could bring wider societal benefits, the Deal will make it visible and feed into possible further action.”

The new initiative will provide an important avenue for many companies to bring awareness to some of the regulatory hurdles they face in accessing the EU market. Innovation Deals are a step in the right direction towards ensuring that the EU continues to be a hotbed for innovation and a leader in the Circular Economy.

EBIC President, Giuseppe Natale comments, “The biostimulants industry has been particularly hard hit with many market barriers. Our industry is highly innovative, but we need the right policies and conditions to keep that innovation going. We are delighted to hear that the EU is taking important steps to removing barriers to innovation, but let’s ensure that policies already on the table, like the Fertilising Products proposal, are also put through an ‘effects on innovation’ check list.”

Link to COM initiative on Innovation Deals (IDs): https://ec.europa.eu/research/innovation-deals/index.cfm


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