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Biostimulants: Defining regulatory pathways at PRODUCT level will boost innovation

Distinguishing between products and components

When you combine components, several different things may happen:

  • The effect of one or more of the components may become stronger
  • The effects of the components may cancel each other out
  • New effects may emerge at the system level

Biostimulant claims can only be justified at the combination level.

Using old components in new ways
is essential to innovation in the biostimulant industry

It is more accurate to assess potential risks and benefits for both humans and the environment at the product level because taking the intended use into account brings the evaluation closer to real conditions.

The effects of biostimulants are dependent on dose, rate, timing, placement and other contextual factors. This is why the effects of a complex biostimulant product cannot be extrapolated from its components.

If regulatory paths force manufacturers to continue using old components in old ways, innovation will be restricted.

It is for these reasons that defining regulatory pathways at product level will create an environment where innovation may flourish.


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