Promoting the biostimulant industry and the role of plant biostimulants in making agriculture more sustainable
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Biostimulants play a fundamental role in plant nutrition

Like fertilizers, biostimulants contribute to plant nutrition and health. Understanding the direct parallel between plant nutrition and human health helps clarify this point.

Plants absorb nutrition through their roots in the same way
humans digest food through their intestines


Illustration provided courtesy of C. Waligora& E.Thomas
featured in the review TCS 57 03-05 2010

Plant biostimulants stimulate natural processes to benefit nutrient uptake & efficiency. They also help improve crop quality and tolerance to abiotic stress, such as tough climate conditions or lack of water.

Plant nutrition is an important factor in plant health. This concept is widely understood for humans where healthy diets are considered essential for good health. We are what we eat.
In the same way that humans need vitamins and enzymes in addition to minerals, plants need biostimulants in addition to fertilizers, to boost their vitality and reach their full potential.

Nutritional contributions to health are preventative, not curative. Drugs and medicine cure disease in a similar way that pesticides protect plants against pests and diseases.

Plant nutrition is an important factor in plant health

Given their role in plant nutrition, biostimulants sit more naturally in the world of fertilizing products and plant nutrition than plant protection.


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