Where do biostimulants fit into the landscape?

Where do biostimulants fit into the landscape?


There are many types of crop inputs, including fertilizers and plant protection products such as pesticides. Biostimulants are complementary to these products, with their own role in agriculture. Biostimulants support the plant’s general health and vigor.
Contrary to plant protection products, they do not have any direct actions against pests or disease. Pesticides cure plants, just like drugs and medicine heal people, whereas biostimulants support health in a similar way to fertilizers.



What is the role of biostimulants?


The role of biostimulants is close to that of fertilizers. Many of the effects produced by fertilizers are similar to biostimulant claims. However, fertilizers are generally produced in large quantities and provide the basic mineral nutrients for plants. Biostimulants are often applied in smaller quantities (just a few kilos or litres per hectare). They improve nutrient use efficiency and contribute to crop quality, yield and abiotic stress tolerance. Biostimulants may provide vitamins, enzymes, probiotics and other ingredients that support plant nutrition in a broader sense.



The unique place of biostimulants

The unique place of biostimulants in the agricultural landscape has only recently been recognized. They play the same role for plants that vitamins and dietary supplements play for humans!


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