Why doesn’t EBIC include biotic stress in biostimulant effects?

Biotic stress is strain and pressure that occurs as a result of damage inflicted on plants from other living organisms, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, beneficial and harmful insects or weeds.

Protecting a plant against pests and diseases is the primary role of plant protection products (PPP). The term biotic stress is ambiguous. In the context of biostimulants, it could mean that healthy plants have the vigor and tolerance to bounce back from biotic stress. However, it could also be interpreted as crops being attacked from pathogens and pests.



Abiotic stress
It is important that only abiotic stress falls under the scope of the EU fertilizers regulation. To include biotic stress would blur the boundary with the existing EU pesticides legislation. For example, a manufacturer may place unauthorized plant protection products on the market without applying the appropriate regulation.

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