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Biostimulants: It’s the combination that matters

To understand how biostimulants work, we must consider the combination of the different ingredients, rather than trying to define them through their individual ingredients.

If someone asked you to explain what a cake is, would you define it as an egg, simply because this is one of the ingredients in the recipe? Probably not.

You would consider the cake as a final product, with its wide combination of ingredients in differing quantities, and the way the cake was baked including the temperature, the type of oven and the length of cooking time. The same ingredients combined and cooked differently could lead to a very different outcome, like crepes. It is the same principle for biostimulants.

What happens when you combine products? 

  • The effect of one or more of the components may be altered
  • The effects of the components may cancel each other out
  • New effects may emerge at the system level
  • Each ingredient has the same effect in the same magnitude as before the combination.

In order to apply a regulatory framework that promotes innovation, the effects of biostimulant products must be considered at product level and not at an ingredient level.

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