EBIC to feature at Argus Europe Fertilizer event in Malta

Jean-Marc Sanchez (EBIC Board member / Lallemand Plant Care) will speak on behalf of EBIC at the Argus Europe Fertilizer conference in Malta on 17 October. His intervention will focus on ‘The role of biostimulants for achieving balanced plant nutrition’ as part of a half-day session (Plant Nutrition Forum) organised by Fertilizers Europe, with the support of the International Fertiliser Society, to celebrate Global Fertilizer Day.

The EBIC presentation will aim to cover:

  1. What biostimulants are and how they work
  2. The role of biostimulants for increasing nutrient uptake, reducing stress tolerance and improving quality
  3. EU developments for the biostimulant market

You can find more information on the entire Argus Europe Fertilizer event here.

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