Promoting the biostimulant industry and the role of plant biostimulants in making agriculture more sustainable
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The Founding Members of the European Biostimulants Industry Consortium (the predecessor to the Council) unanimously elected the inaugural board on 14 June 2011. The board was enlarged in July 2012 and again in July 2014 to reflect EBIC’s rapid growth. Board members are elected for two-year terms, renewable twice. The board term starts immediately following the General Assembly (or special election) at which a given board member is elected. The electoral process seeks to ensure the greatest possible balance between the different technologies, membership categories and geographic territories represented by EBIC’s membership.


Giuseppe Natale
CEO, Valagro
Term: November 2016-October 2018
paul-mullins Vice President
Paul Mullins
Managing Director, Brandon Bioscience
Term: November 2015-October 2017
FranciscoMiguel-AtlanticaAgricola Secretary/Treasurer
Francisco Miguel
Executive Director, Atlántica Agrícola
Term: November 2016-October 2018
Clipboard01[7} Director-at-large
Josef Haber
Head of Functional Crop Care Europe, BASF
Term: November 2015-October 2017
jm-sanchez Director-at-large
Jean-Marc Sanchez
Managing Director, Lallemand Plant Care
Term: November 2016-October 2018
Sandro Secco

Sandro Secco
International Fertlizers and Nutrients Marketing Responsible, SIPCAM S.p.A.
Term: March 2015-February 2017