How we work

EBIC Statutes with amendments approved by members on 12 November 2018.

EBIC Bylaws with amendments approved by members on 29 June 2015.

Committees and working groups

Experts from our member companies pool technical knowledge and years of experience in the sector as a basis for interacting with decision-makers and other stakeholders.How-we-work-NewAg

  • The Committee on Registration Issues is concerned primarily with the regulatory framework for biostimulants.
  • The Public Affairs Committee looks at how biostimulants can contribute to a broad range of European policies, including soil protection, sustainable agriculture, water quality, innovation, waste management and sustainable economic growth, among others.
  • The External Communication Committee is responsible for the consortium’s relations with external stakeholders.
  • Ad hoc task forces and working groups are formed to address specific issues. For example, EBIC has a number of task forces that consider the issues and questions related to specific biostimulant technologies/components and to help ensure coordination with national-level policy discussions.

External representation

EBIC actively participates in the Fertilisers Working Group of DG Enterprise and its ad hoc sub-groups.

consultancy-based secretariat provides supporting services to EBIC’s committees and manages the cutting-edge collaboration tools that allow the consortium to work efficiently and cost-effectively.