Membership in the European Biostimulants Industry Council (EBIC) is open to any bona fide producer of biostimulants with an interest in the European market (production may be outside Europe).

Member benefits

  • Become part of the only association recognized by the European Commission as a mandated representative of the biostimulant industry
  • Contribute to constructing the regulatory architecture to create a pan-European market for biostimulants
  • Be heard by decision-makers at the European Commission, the European Parliament, in member state delegations and other influencers
  • Strengthen your network through our vibrant community
  • Gain instant access to a wealth of industry critical resources like a library of European and national regulations

Membership dues

EBIC membership
Dues (1)Partial-year
dues (2)
fee (3)
micro-sized €5,000 €3,000 €2,500
small-sized €10,000 €6,000 €5,000
medium-sized €15,000 €9,000 €7,500
large-sized€20,000 €12,000 €10,000
very large-sized€30,000€18,000€15,000

(1) 2015 rates have been updated to include a Very Large category, but are otherwise the same as 2014. Rates are quoted exclusive of any applicable VAT. For information on how the membership category is determined, please read EBIC Policy on Determining Company Size and Membership Category   Members will be asked to pay their dues at the beginning of the year on a lump-sum basis. Dues are not refunded on a pro rata basis.

(2) In 2014, EBIC members approved a partial-year rate for companies joining EBIC for the first time after 30 June of a given year. See the EBIC bylaws for more details.

(3) In 2014, EBIC members approved an Admission Fee, in recognition of the investment made and risk taken by the early members of EBIC. The first year of a new membership is subject to an Application Fee of 50% of the corresponding membership category. Only the first year of membership will be affected by the Application Fee unless a member lapses for more than six months before rejoining. For more details, see the EBIC Statutes.

To receive a membership packet

For more information on joining, contact Arnaud Cayrafourcq by phone on +32 475 891 593 or email arnaud [at]