Promoting the biostimulant industry and the role of plant biostimulants in making agriculture more sustainable
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Atlántica Agrícola began working in the agricultural sector in 1982. Originally it focused on the development of formulations based on humic and fulvic acids. Atlántica Agrícola was a pioneer in the development of these products and completed its initial research phase with the creation of organic fertilizer Biocat-15, a revolutionary product that made the company known worldwide. The success of Biocat-15 transformed Atlántica Agrícola’s from a local company with sales in the Spanish territory to be a company with a strong export vocation.

Internationalization began in the Americas, where the company created a solid distribution network, a springboard for Atlántica Agrícola to become a leader in developing and researching new products for agriculture in a wide range of crops. The fruit of this research was Bio Atlántica, a formulation and production center in Honduras that developed a new line based on plant extracts. Raw materials are grown and processed in a controlled fashion to obtain these extracts.

During the past ten years, Atlántica Agrícola has continued to expand globally, currently having a presence in more than 40 countries across the globe. Its success has been based both on exports and on creating quality products and a network of dealers and technicians in each country, who contribute experience and knowledge. This aspect is crucial for the development of different research (R & D) lines. Company experts study the adaptation of products for different types of crop, climate and farming practices.

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