Promoting the biostimulant industry and the role of plant biostimulants in making agriculture more sustainable
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The middle of the century will see an additional two billion mouths to feed on our planet. That means agriculture needs to produce more and do so in a sustainable way to keep higher yields coming year after year. This challenge requires expansive and innovative thinking. It requires science that is engaged and explores all possibilities to bring effective solutions to farmers. Thinking that finds solutions wherever they may be.

The soil is filled with beneficial microbes. Both above and below the soil surface are bacteria and fungi that have a significant and positive effect on plants. Harnessing the power of this microbiome takes commitment, patience and expertise. Microbial solutions from Monsanto BioAgTM are the latest advancements from one of the leading agricultural technologies. Since there are no silver bullets in agriculture, it takes all of the tools at our disposal to create and protect higher yields. Our mission is to discover new microbial products offering proven and effective solutions to help growers maximize and protect crop yields.

Monsanto BioAgTM currently offers biological solutions containing microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi, and microbially-produced molecules. They are normally applied to seeds before planting, in-furrow or sprayed on crops with the potential to help them in a variety of ways – like improving nutrient uptake, promoting growth and yield, and providing disease and insect control. ​​

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