The secretariat of the European Biostimulants Industry Council (EBIC) is provided by Prospero & Partners, an independent consultancy helping food & agriculture organizations to create value sustainably. Prospero also provides public affairs support to EBIC. Prospero has offices in Antwerp, Brussels and Paris.

Arnaud Cayrafourcq, Kristen Sukalac, and Sarah Cayrafourcq work closely with the board on strategy development and implementation and oversee the secretariat. Arnaud Cayrafourcq is the lead on membership development.

Elodie Lebastard (Belgium) is responsible for the implementation of EBIC’s work plan and supports the operations of many of EBICs working groups. Contact Elodie by phone on +32 468 32 36 01 or email elodie [at]

Lili Chatzikonstantinou (Belgium) provides communications support to all of EBIC’s activities and is responsible for member relations. Contact Lili by phone on +32 477 571 803 or email lili [at]

Barbara Verplancken (Belgium) provides administrative support to all of EBIC’s activities. Contact Barbara by phone on +32 3 290 0123 or email barbara [at]