Who we are

Two people talking at the EBIC stand at the 1st World Congress on the Use of Biostimulants in AgricultureThe European Biostimulants Industry Council (EBIC) was formed in June 2011 to foster the role of the biostimulants sector in helping agriculture to produce more with less. To do this, EBIC advocates an operating environment that creates a truly European market for biostimulants and recognises their contribution to sustainable agricultural production, green innovation, economic growth and other European Union (EU) policy objectives.

Membership is open to biostimulant producers active in Europe interested in cooperating in areas of common interest.

EBIC provides:

  • A platform for biostimulants producers to discuss points of common interest relating to, but not limited to, technical questions, regulatory issues, public and stakeholder relations and other non-commercial matters;
  • A voice for the biostimulants sector in Europe;
  • Information and expertise on the specificities of biostimulants to European authorities and other relevant stakeholders;
  • Information about the sector that is relevant for the public policy makers and the general public.


EBIC is listed in the EU Transparency Register.