Knowledge & innovation


Male lab worker at a biostimulant companyInnovative green technologies are at the heart of the biostimulants business:

  • Our product development begins by observing plants and their ecosystems and then conducting rigorous research to discover new bioactive compounds, to identify beneficial micro-organisms and to understand how synergies provide stronger effects than any single substance or micro-organism working alone.
  • Many of the components of biostimulant products are very common in nature, like amino acids, soil micro-organisms and chitin, the second most abundant natural polymer after cellulose.
  • Many of the raw materials for the production of biostimulants would otherwise be considered waste materials. Giving these materials value by transforming them into biostimulants reduces and sometimes eliminates the need to dispose of large volumes of wastes, including (but not limited to) seaweed and shrimp carcasses.
  • Many of our technologies are biologically based, for example using micro-organisms to transform raw materials into the components of our products or including micro-organisms in the final product.
  • Sectors like ours provide a “pull factor” for the pipeline of knowledge and skill creation. This encourages young people to study biological sciences and provides employment for researchers and highly skilled workers in a number of biological sciences. A broad pool of qualified professionals in these fields is a necessary precondition for the innovative and sustainable growth that will help Europe achieve “smart, sustainable and inclusive” growth.