Jean-Marc Sanchez

JMS-Fev2014Vice President 
Managing Director, Lallemand Plant Care
Term: November 2019-November 2021

An agricultural engineer, Jean-Marc Sanchez transformed his interest in micro-organisms and soil mechanisms into degrees in agri-sciences and business management. He began his career as a vineyards consultant. Since 2000, he has run ITHEC, which became a subsidiary of Lallemand group in 2006 (50% then and 100% in 2012). Today LALLEMAND PLANT CARE SAS develops micro-organisms and derivatives to fertilize, stimulate or protect agricultural crops. This approach always starting from “field to the laboratory” and not the contrary, testing innovations to optimize crop management and inputs. He is editor of the new agricultural blog “agriculture-nouvelle” dealing with new inputs and other agricultural innovations. In this context, he emphasizes farmers’ preoccupations to reconcile profitability and preserving the environment.