Martin Brown

Managing Director, Verdesian Life Sciences
Term: November 2019-November 2021

Martin Brown is Managing Director in Verdesian Life Sciences, which belongs to the large membership category and is based in UK with activity in Ireland, Germany, Spain, Greece, Poland, Romania, Croatia. Verdesian produces phosphites, amino acids, polymers and microbial inoculants.

Martin Brown having spent the past 35 years within the agricultural industry involved initially within ICI, Zeneca and Syngenta, he has gained a broad experience and understanding of the channels to market, the key drivers and blocks to developing the business within Europe.

Post Syngenta, for over 10 years he was CEO and board director of a UK start up biological research company, where he gained significant insight to the issue of developing and funding such technologies within the EU.

Having recently joined Verdesian Europe Ltd as managing director, Martin is closely involved in the manufacture, development, registration and commercialisation of biostimulants, inoculants and polymer enhancers for fertilisers. Martin says:

As an industry we are without doubt at a very exciting point as these sectors prove their worth to the market and we establish significant value to the distribution channel and open new prospects for farmers and growers to improve quality and yields.

With all this experience Martin Brown brings a practical approach to managing issues with a strong understanding of operating at board level. He fully appreciates the commitment and responsibilities representing EBIC as a director on its board and he welcomes the opportunity to strategically add value where he can.