Massimo Toni

Biostimulant Consultant, Agronutrition
Term: November 2018-November 2020

Massimo Toni is Biostimulant Consultant in Agronutrition, which belongs to the large membership category and is based in France with activity in all EU countries. Agronutrition produces amino acids, plant extracts, micro-organisms and seaweed extracts.

Massimo Toni has been involved in “biologics” (Biostimulants and Biocontrol) for the past 16 years, internationally. Specifically, he followed EBIC’s activities since the beginning in 2011 and for the past two years he served as Chair of its Public Affairs Steering Group. He has also represented EBIC in several international conferences (Crops&Chemicals US, CIR, etc.).

Massimo has a fair understanding of Biocontrol matters, being involved in IBMA for 8 years as member of the IBMA France board and in the BPIA of US as a member of the planning committee. Useful when discussing the issue “border line” and also when contemplating forms of collaboration with the other associations.

Additionally, this allowed Massimo Toni to form a rather extensive international network in both areas of Biostimulants and Biocontrol, which may prove useful when giving his contribution to EBIC’s Board. He fully appreciates the commitment and responsibilities representing EBIC as a director on its board and he is eager to contribute to EBIC’s success in the interest of the whole Biostimulants industry.